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If you run any type of business you should consider making a Business or Commercial Lasting Powers of Attorney (Business LPA). These are specifically designed lasting powers of attorney aimed at managing how businesses operate. Appointing someone to make business decisions if the business owner is unable to make them. This might be because they are just unavailable, out of the country, on holiday or cannot be contacted. Or it could be if they are unable to manage their business as they lack sufficient mental capacity.

Lasting Powers of Attorney textbook (2016)

In the 3rd edition of latest his textbook on Lasting Powers of Attorney published by The Law Society, Craig Ward, our principal solicitor writes extensively on Business LPAs and when and how they should be used.

Contracts and business administration

Without a solid contract, negotiations which can take many weeks go unrecorded. Word of mouth works well, until there’s a problem and then who said what can get rather muddled. Having a written and agreed contract protects all parties and establishes good working and business practices.

Business Mediations

Mediation is a confidential process between two or more parties aimed at resolving matters without going to court. Assisted by a mediator all the parties aim to arrive a solution to which you they agree. Mediations can usually be set up quite quickly and a held in private.

How do Mediations work

Mediations work by structured discussions aimed at resolving issues Collectively overcome differences Freedom from the formal court process Resolving problems differently / creatively Works by identifying you & your issues Why does mediations work

Mediations allow parties to

Explore alternative options more than the courts could provide Overcome deadlocks and promote constructive development to resolve disputes Separate the person from the problem promoting resolution

Mediation is

“…understanding why parties get into deadlock, understanding how they can be helped to move on, and creatively applying this understanding to a variety of situations.” “Mediation can help to prevent future problems…” “Mediation does not have to involve all the issues, it can focus on just some of them.”

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