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Drafting requires precision to eliminate misunderstandings in the mind of the reader. A poorly drafted document only leads to misinterpretation. In the case of Castoni [1891] 1 QB 149 at 167, Stephen J said:

"It is not enough [for the drafter] to attain a degree of precision which a person reading in good faith can understand, but it is necessary to attain if possible to a degree of precision which a person reading in bad faith cannot misunderstand. It is all the better if he cannot pretend to misunderstand it."

Common types of contracts include
  • Purchasing goods or services, for rental agreements or franchise agreements or for¬†partnering with another businesses
  • Indemnity agreements
  • Nondisclosure agreements
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • Security agreements
  • Executory agreements
  • Transfer agreements
Each contract is made to your specific requirements. This is because business contracts need to reflect the relationship the business which to create in real time (i.e. as of today).

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