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Craig Ward of Lundie MSc BA(Hons)

The Much Hon. Craig Ward of Lundie (he's still called Craig) is a solicitor, writer and researcher with over 20 years legal experience. Craig became a solicitor after a career applying his psychology degree to assist vulnerable adults. Craig has -

  • MSc in applied health research from King’s College London
  • BA(Hons) in psychology
  • Member of the Society of Trust and Estate Planners (STEP)
  • Accredited member of Solicitors For the Elderly
  • CEDR accredited mediator
  • Member of the British Psychological Society
  • Certificate in Counselling

He has passed an adult teaching (PTLLS) course.

Craig wrote the Law Society’s textbook on Lasting Powers of Attorney, the 4th edition (2019).

This 4th edition provides an update on advising, drafting and registering LPA’s. It also covers the following new topics.

  • Business LPA’s, advising clients, drafting and choosing appropriate business attorney’s.
  • Health and Welfare Deputy’s applications, how to make one and advise clients on suitable evidence.
  • Attorney choice, advising on suitability to potentially reduce the risk of objections and abuse.
  • How to make online LPA applications and the issues to draw to clients attention.
  • Changes to Commercial legislation affecting Business LPA’s.
  • The importance of advising on; the Person with Significant Control (for certain types of Business LPA), the Disclosure and Barring Service (for attorney’s generally); advance decisions and LPA interaction and gender re-assignment matters.

This edition also covers the necessity to consider vulnerable adults and access to legal services for different client groups. Also the developing use of advocates when making and using LPA’s to enhance safeguarding.

Craig’s legal experience

Civil and criminal litigation, mental health review tribunals, mental capacity, the Court of Protection, commercial law, probate, wills and trusts. He mediates on commercial, probate and elderly disputes.


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Articles and Podcasts

  • Capacity to Consent. Society of Trust and Estate Planners Journal. 23 April 2021
  • A shot in the Arm. PS Magazine February 2021. The Law Society. February 2021.
  • Back to basics: Business LPAs. Private Client, 142 February 2020. The Law Society, London.
  • GDPR Compliance for Trustees and Executors. PS Magazine. The Law Society. February 2019.
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    Attorneys and Deputies as Data Controllers. The Law Society Practice Note May 2018.
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  •  In conversation with... Craig Ward on Business LPAs. Podcast. The Law Society July 2017.
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  •  Opportunities Legal Update weekly publication (from October 2009 to August 2011).
  •  Restraint or Deprivation of Liberty in Disguise? Elderly Client Adviser Mar/Ap 2009 (Vol 14:3).
  •  Taking Flight as a Legal Eagle. The Psychologist. March (2009).

Legal Research

Understanding Information in Lasting Powers of Attorney (September 2013)

Making one or both Lasting Powers of Attorney (September 2012)

Mediation with Vulnerable Adults (October 2012)

Should Solicitors be Assessing Capacity (2011) 

Mediation at the Court of Protection (2009)

Training courses run by Craig Ward MSc, for example:

  • Drafting Lasting Powers of Attorney
  • Business Lasting Powers of Attorney
  • Making Deputyship applications
  • LPAs and ethics compliance
  • Making Health and welfare Deputy applications
  • Vulnerable adults and compliance
  • Elder mediation

Business LPA training

Craig Ward, Baron of Lundie,  solicitor started researching Business LPAs several years ago and devised techniques now used across the England and Wales to create business or commercial lasting powers of attorney. He runs the first course on Business LPAs teaching; solicitors, legal practitioners, accountants and many others the benefits of Business LPAs.

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MSc BA(Hons)

Awards & Recognition

The Barony of Lundie is a Scottish Barony created during the reign of King David II for John Iles, Baron of Lundie granting him the lands and title of the Baron of Lundie. In June 1489 King James IV confirmed to Andrew, Lord Gray, the lands and Barony of Lundie. A notable holder of the Barony title was Admiral Adam Duncan who led the British fleet to victory against the combined Dutch and French fleet at the Battle of Camperdown in 1797. The title and rights of the Barony of Lundie are currently held by Craig Ward, Baron of Lundie.

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