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If you could change one thing, what might that be?

People use lawyers to help them with all sorts of different aspects of their lives. Sometimes it's useful just to have a conversation and ask some questions to a lawyer to give us peace of mind. 
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Would you like to protect yourself, just in case you couldn't make decisions in the future?

If you haven't got a Lasting Power of Attorney you're missing out. These are essential documents to have. They give you autonomy. They give you control. You can choose who you give your decision making authority to. If you don't have one you really are missing out. We are the leading experts in Lasting Powers of Attorney. It's not because one of our solicitor's wrote the text book - now in it's 4th edition and published by the Law Society. It's because our client's think so and keep referring their friends to us. 

That dispute which has been around for a while, where's it going?

This year alone we've listened and helped numerous people with legal problems. Listening to you is very important. As we listen we can help unfold your legal problem and look for the solutions. We can provide you with options to remedy whats going on often without going to court. Sharing your problems with us brings relief and freedom from the worry. 

Call us on 0800 254 5262 and contact us for a free consultation about resolving your issues. 

When our loved one reaches that point of not being able to decide, what should we do?

Someone lacking the ability to decide for themselves is not a happy situation. It's heartbreaking seeing our relatives unable to make decisions for themselves. Craybeck Law is here to help you when this happens. Our professional Court of Protection team understands the pain and frustration your experiencing. We can assist you to resolve this dilemma and sort out managing someone's finances or their heath and welfare decision making. 

Someone passing is never easy, how then do we sort out their finances and assets?

I remember when my gran died. I turned up in the middle of the night at her house and saw the ambulance just stopped in the road. My sister had called and said to come, so I did. In the following days we started sorting out of her house and giving away her life's possessions. It's called probate. I now do this professionally, but each time I start another probate I remember, I was there too, seeing the ambulance just stopped in the road and knowing my gran had died. (CW, solicitor).

Call 0800 254 5262 and contact us for a chat about sorting out probate, we understand how hard losing our relatives is, we've been there too.

What our clients think of us

Thankful that we had the professional support of Craybeck Law. Mrs K

I am grateful for the care and attention to help navigate my challenging situation. Mr B

Invaluable legal advice provided, thank you. Ms F

A 10/10 service, thank you. Mr E

Experienced professionals in a time of crisis, thank you for sorting out my problem. Mr R

Knowing you're there to help me took the weight off my mind. Mr H

I am grateful for the care and attention provided to family members. Mrs P

Kind and courteous service, real experts. Mrs G

Generous with their time and understanding. Mrs M

They have an lots of legal knowledge and patience. Mr D

Would highly recommend them and their legal service. Miss N

Simply wonderful and understood my problem straightaway. Mr W

A thoughtful practice who helped me greatly. Ms R

Thank you for sorting out my legal problem. Mr G

Your advice was invaluable just at the right time. Mr L

I wish I'd come to you sooner, thank you for helping me. Miss H

A very practical and down-to-earth law-firm who helped us both greatly. Mr and Mrs B

Working and living abroad for many years, I have turned to Craybeck Law to help manage my affairs in the UK. Mr D

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Craybeck Law LLP is a central London law firm with an office in Benfleet Essex. We will come and visit you at home for no extra charge if you live within the M25 area or close to it. Or we can have a zoom chat if that's better for you. 

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