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Community care law encompasses several areas of a vulnerable adults life and needs;
  • Receipt of appropriate social and health care
  • Meeting eligibility criteria to receive care funding
  • Assessing vulnerable adults and their carers
  • Hospital care and immediate post discharge matters
  • Provision by local authorities of care services
  • Charging for care services
  • Moving into and residing in a care home
  • Vulnerable adult abuse
  • NHS general care responsibilities
  • Mental capacity assessments and service provision
  • Managing financial matters of vulnerable adults
  • Safeguarding vulnerable adults
Within any one of these areas of a combination of them matters can arise where the care provided does to meet the needs of the person, abuse might arise, assessments are not as they should be or others service provisions are insufficient. There are usually several options regarding resolving issues. If you feel yourselves or a family member is not receiving appropriate care or service provisions, do contact us.

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We try and keep our costs down for clients as much as possible. Such as, asking clients to find out further information for us or to sort through papers and summarise matters.

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