Vulnerable Adult Disputes

Vulnerable Adult Disputes

If someone is not getting appropriate care or services from the local authority Craybeck Law can assist in rectifying this.

Problems can arise in the following areas
  • Receipt of appropriate social and health care
  • Meeting eligibility criteria to receive care funding
  • Assessing vulnerable adults and their carers
  • Hospital care and immediate post discharge matters
  • Provision by local authorities of care services
  • Charging for care services
  • Moving into and residing in a care home
  • Vulnerable adult abuse
  • NHS general care responsibilities
  • Mental capacity assessments and service provision
  • Managing financial matters of vulnerable adults
  • Safeguarding vulnerable adults

We can assist you in resolving these. The assessment might not be correct. The person's needs might have changed. The type of care they are receiving is not suitable for them. The care package needs to be drastically reviewed.

Call our litigation department so that we can help you resolve these pressing concerns. Over the years Craybeck Law has assisted numerous vulnerable adults to receive the care they deserve. Is your relative missing out on the care which you believe they should receiving? If so call us for a free consultation.

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