Emergency Will / Death Bed Will

Emergency Will / Death Bed Will

Emergency Wills

If someone is dying and wants to make a will contact Craig one of our solicitor's on 07943 160955 or

We offer an out of of hours service.

We attend hospices, hospitals and care homes where someone’s death is imminent. These are sometimes called death bed will or emergency wills. We cover the whole of the London area.

This might be where someone is dying and has requested they want to make their will before their death. These are sometimes referred to as a death bed will or an emergency wills. We cover the whole of the London area.

We usually attend with a pro forma will which sets out the requirements under the Wills Act 1837. It also contains a large box where the client can say what they wish to do with their assets or possessions. Once this box is completed the will is signed by the client in the presence of two witnesses.

We have been offering this emergency will service for a number of years.

We advise on

  • What ideally should go in a will.
  • Consequences of not making a will.
  • The types of clauses they may wish to include in their will.
  • Consider reasons for and against leaving property or assets to different beneficiaries including where appropriate a spouse or partner.
  • If necessary considering if a trust should be created in the will.

We will draft an emergency will in the Hospital or Hospice on behalf of the dying client.

We will confirm testamentary capacity, discuss suitable executors and identify beneficiaries.

Go through the final will draft with them to ensure their instructions have been carried out and they understand the nature and contents of their will.

We would encourage people if they are able to think about making a will at their leisure. Sometimes we realise this is not possible and we offer our emergency will service to meet this need.

If a will needs to be done straight away as someone is dying contact us - 07943 160955.

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