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Our Probate Service To Help You With Managing Bereavement. Your love one passing brings great sadness. They leave not only grieving relatives but responsibilities which now need to be sorted out. Craybeck Law will help you.

I am grateful for the care and attention to help navigate my challenging situation.

Mr B.

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Craybeck Law's probate service will assist you to make the best choices as to how you want to handle probate. We understand your particular needs and will provide you with specialist advice for you on executor responsibilities.

I remember when my gran died. My sister had called and said to come, so I did. In the following days we started sorting out of her house to pass on her possessions. It's called probate. (C.W).

We've helped lots of people just like you manage the legal paperwork when someone dies.  One of our clients N.H. said of us we gave a

Speedy response and first class service, approachable and easily accessible. Fantastic idea to have a Law firm that delivers their service door to door.

Get advice on managing bereavement and making funeral arrangements from the expert probate solicitors team.

It's so painful when someone dies, we're here to help you through that pain.

The Complete Probate Service For You

The complete probate service includes conducting an audit of the deceased's estate, Craybeck Law on your behalf will,

  • Check the validity of the will.
  • Gather in the deceased assets and value these.
  • Make records of any arising issues for inheritance tax purposes.
  • Review the deceased bank accounts and checking how assets should pass to other individuals.
  • Confirm there are not any outstanding monies owed to the estate. Also check the estate does not owe any money to anyone else.
  • Confirm there are no other liabilities which the estate may have.
  • Review and trace assets and getting valuations as necessary.
  • Check to make sure there are no claims against the estate by any family members or anyone else.
  • Finalise tax calculations to ensure appropriate amounts of inheritance tax are paid.
  • Make distribution of the estates assets to beneficiaries.
  • Review to see whether trusts need to be arranged.

Call us now for free probate advice on 0800 254 5262 or Click Here To Make A Free Online Enquiry Now for immediate assistance.

Invaluable legal advice provided, thank you.

Ms F.

Check a Wills Validity

If you are unsure if the will is valid Craybeck Law is happy to review this for you. This might be if there is concerns about did the person making the will understand what they were doing. A beneficiary might have died and you are unsure what will happen to their gift in the will. Equally it might be where you are considering undertaking the probate or bereavement management yourself. We can assist to ensure that the probate process runs smoothly for you.

Thankful that we had the professional support of Craybeck Law.

Mrs K.

Probate Disputes

If there are concerns about the will, how beneficiaries might react or there are family disputes contact us so that we can assist you. We regularly manage probate disputes looking for the most cost effective way to resolve them.

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