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Ron Hiller MCICM

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Ron Hiller MCICM


Ronald Hiller has more than 12 years practical experience of working with vulnerable adults in both the Public and Private sectors as a professional deputy and attorney and is a dementia champion.


Ron is a specialist in providing guidance and assistance to local authorities, the public and care providers in the management of the affairs of vulnerable individuals. Ron founded Essex Guardians, the largest specialist deputy team in the country to manage the affairs of vulnerable adults both in and around Essex, which has become a benchmark model for local authorities.


Ron holds several director and executive roles in International companies and brings a wide range of commercial experience to the practice. Ron can be described as a enthusiastic proven team leader, who motivates others to exceed both in corporate and personal goals. He has a strong commercial acumen, coupled with equally sound interpersonal relationship skills. He leads by example with a hands-on approach to management.

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Awards & Recognition

Dementia Champion.
Professional legal assistance - 0800 254 5262
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