Civil Mediations

Civil Mediations

Mediation is where a settlement is agreed between parties. Facilitated by the mediator, the parties themselves consider what options exist to resolve their dispute and what is best for them both. Mediation is all about movement and change:
  • from a dispute position
  • through considering their options
  • Seeing the consequences if no settlement is reached
  • to the parties agreeing together how they wish to settle
Essentially there is no correct way of mediation, as all mediations are different. It is a flexible process, steered by the parties, encouraged by the mediator, aiming to find solutions to their current dispute and if necessary, how they can work with each other in the future.

A typical mediation

  1. Parties arrive at slightly different timed slots at the mediation venue.
  2. The parties are shown to their own individual room.
  3. The mediator sees them in their room to settle them in and answer initial questions.
  4. All parties meet, under managed conditions with the mediator to go through how the mediation day works.
  5. Parties return to their own rooms.
  6. Starting with one of the parties (in their own room) the mediator begins helping them identify the strengths and weakness of their situation, This is repeated with the other party.
  7. The mediator then moves between the parties for the rest of the day, helping them understand their dispute, their similarities and differences and how they can reach an agreement which they are both happy with.
  8. At the end of the day the parties sign a settlement agreement.

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