Managing Probate through a Solicitor

Managing Probate through a Solicitor

When someone dies, whether it be a first or second spouse or partner, you should always instruct a solicitor to manage the probate for you.

What is probate?

The probate process involves managing bereavement. Often, this will include understanding who will be passed what from the deceased’s will, deal withtax matters, manage any owned properties, and settle any outstanding debts. These responsibilities will fall to executors of the will, but executors can instruct a solicitor to manage the probate process on their behalf if they wish.

Why should you trust a solicitor to manage probate for you?

Even though it is possible to manage the probate process yourself, there are a variety of personal and practical reasons why allowing a solicitor to manage the probate process is the best course of action. 

Understandably, when someone dies, emotions will be heightened, and managing assets can add pressure at an already stressful time. 

Instructing a solicitor to manage probate will also relieve you of having to deal with any discrepancies in the will that may need resolving, as well as ensuring that the tax is dealt with efficiently. 

If the deceased was a business owner, we can also advise you on business succession, and conduct an audit to establish the best way forward for the business.

Attempting to manage probate without professional advice can result in beneficiaries receiving less money than anticipated, and cause unnecessary stress. 

How does the probate process work?

Once you have instructed us to deal with the probate process, we will manage everything from obtaining the death certificate and validating the deceased’s will, through to completing all relevant government forms for tax purposes. The list of responsibilities that fall in the probate process is extensive, and often, these responsibilities can become an emotional burden that is difficult to manage. 

When we have been instructed to manage the probate process on your behalf, we can also contact banks and other financial institutions to identify assets and the like, leaving you free from additional pressure that can be overwhelming for those who have never managed probate before. 

If a will has become outdated, or adjustments need to be made to the original will, we can help to advise and amend the will on your behalf. Adjustments may need to be made if there have been changes in a family structure since the will was created, or if there are children under the age of 18 who may require a trust fund to be set up for them.

Equally, when and if a disputes arise over a will, if we have been instructed to manage probate for you, we can work to resolve issues within the family ourselves. Usually, we will try to resolve any issues through mediation. 

At Craybeck Law, we are experts in managing probate, and we can give you the peace of mind that you are making the right decision on behalf of your loved one. Allow us to make the process as smooth as possible and help you navigate an already difficult time with greater ease. Our professional experience and dedication to do the best for our clients ensures that we provide a service that is both personal and thorough. 

Contact us today for a free initial discussion on 0800 254 5262.

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