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Craybeck Law across England and Wales

We are a central London law firm and accept instructions from across the whole of England and Wales. We mostly practice across London and the home counties.

Services we offer

  • Lasting Powers of Attorney
  • Business Lasting Powers of Attorney
  • Deputy applications to the Court of Protection
  • Wills
  • Statutory wills
  • Trusts
  • Probate
  • Commercial work
  • Litigation for elderly client matters
  • Civil mediation
  • Elder mediation

Community Care Law

Local authorities are required to conduct assessments, provide services and information to vulnerable adults. Mostly this process works well. If it does not a vulnerable adult may be exposed to risk or abuse. We can assist families to resolve these issues.

Making decisions for someone

This can be making a Lasting Powers of Attorney or a Deputyship application, or setting up a Statutory Will if an incapacitated person doesn’t have a will.

Managing bereavement

Our relatives and friends do pass, managing afterwards is the probate process.

Commercial clients

Advising on:

  • Business Lasting Powers of Attorney
  • Contracts and business administration
  • Mediations

 Planning for the future

Wills and Trusts lets us manage our money and benefit our relatives.


Sometimes the best way to manage a situation is to consider


Most disputes can best be managed through mediation. It’s cheaper, often produces more effective results and does not take up so much time.


Craybeck Law offers a range of courses both in-house and to wider audiences. Craig Ward, Baron of Lundie MSc one of our solicitor is a regular speaker at conferences around the world on a range of subjects; elderly care law, mental capacity, the Court of Protection and business law. We can offer in house training on these and associated areas of law to suit most budgets.

Vulnerable Adult Disputes

Local authorities are required to conduct assessments, provide services and information to vulnerable adults. ...
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Civil Litigation

If you’re unhappy with how someone has treated you, a contract which seems unfair, someone’s taken advanta...
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Individual Clients

We help individual clients and their families understand their legal issues and provide solutions for them. We...
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Making Decisions For Others

These let you make decisions for someone who lacks mental capacity to decide for themselves....
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Managing Bereavement

Craybeck Law offers probate services to manage this sensitive time. Speak to the expert solicitors in probate ...
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Commercial Clients

Business Lasting Powers of Attorney If you run any type of business you should consider making a Business o...
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Civil Litigation

If you’re unhappy with how someone has treated you, a contract which seems unfair, someone’s taken advanta...
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Civil Mediations

Mediation is where a settlement is agreed between parties. Facilitated by the mediator, the parties themselves...
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Elder Mediation

Mediation with vulnerable adults is nothing new. What is new is where one party lacks mental capacity....
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Training is important for all of our needs. If we don’t know the answer, then someone is missing out. That c...
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Aftercare Service

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There are two types of deputyship order which can be granted, either financial and/or health & welfare dep...
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Business Lasting Power of Attorney

A business Lasting Power of Attorney allows the donor to appoint an attorney to make decisions concerning thei...
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Wills and Trusts

There are three things we all should think about making, a Will, a Trust and a Lasting Power of Attorney....
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Corporate law (also known as business law or enterprise law or company law) is the body of law that applies to...
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Probate Solicitor

When someone dies hopefully they have a will. Working out how this will comes into effect is called probate. S...
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Free Aftercare

Craybeck Law offers a free 1 year after care service when you make a Lasting Power of Attorney or Deputyship....
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Negligence Claims

Professionals and organisations are required to work with reasonable skill, care and diligence on behalf of th...
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