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Covid-19 Vaccination and Mental Capacity

by Craig Ward of Lundie MSc solicitor Following remarkably swift efficacy trials three covid-19 vaccines are available in the UK. Each offers an amount of protection and as with any other vaccine comes with cautions. In most instances patients will consent themselves for vaccination. Individuals lacking capacity are subject to section 4 Mental Capacity Act […]

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We're now moving to coming out of a complete lockdown into a half way position. This is quite relieving but brings with it even more vigilance. Craybeck Law is aware this is a critical time. We know that many care homes have sadly lost residents. We hear about friends who have survived the coronavirus and […]

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New Downloads

We've added three new downloads to our Craybeck Law website; drafting Lasting Powers of Attorney, Business Lasting Powers of Attorney and making a Deputyship applications. The Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) booklets outline some of the difficulties individuals can find themselves in without a Lasting Power of Attorney. The Deputyship booklet deals with situations where […]

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New Lasting Powers of Attorney Book for October 2019

Craig Ward, one of our solicitors has just finished updating his Law Society's textbook on drafting Lasting Powers of Attorney. This is now it's 4th edition. The aim is to publish this revised edition in October 2019. The revised¬†Lasting Powers of Attorney textbook from the Law Society covers the following points. MCA 2005 principles Assessment […]

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Lasting powers of attorney

Lasting powers of attorney give the person making one autonomy over future decisions, both financial and health and welfare.

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